Night Light Box Song of the Angels Bouguereau

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Bring the Light of Christ into every room with these beautiful light boxes! Featuring a gorgeous work of Catholic art, these light boxes are sure to Jesus into the mind of all who behold them. With the light coming from inside the box, even in the darkest rooms the art is sure to be seen!

Song of Angels by William-Adophe Bouguereau, depicts a choir of angels aiding the Blessed Virgin in lulling the Christ Child to sleep. Bouguereau was a French painter who began painting in his late teens, near the peak of the nineteenth century. Throughout all of his work, Bouguereau focused on the beauty and poise of the human body, particularly on the grace of the woman. In Song of Angels, the Virgin Mother is shown tenderly caressing her Child, and she all the beauty that human hand can portray.


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