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A Catholic, sci-fi, dystopian novel written over 100 years ago!

Promoted by both Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis!

“Written more than a century ago, [Lord of the World] was to some degree prophetic in its description of a future dominated by technology, where everything is made bland and uniform in the name of progress, and a new ‘humanitarianism’ is proclaimed.” - Pope Francis

Set in the near future, the world is dominated by the militant "Humanitarianism" which seeks to destroy all religion, replacing it with a worship of Humanity. Despite worldwide persecution, the Catholic Church continues to exist, though is much smaller in number. One priest in particular, Father Percy Franklin, seeks to solidify the Church’s existence through a new Order of the Christ Crucified that can spread unnoticed by the powers ruling the world.

However, one man stands in the way of Father Percy, a man whose origin is mysterious and whose popularity is unrivaled. Julian Felsenburgh will do all that it takes to snuff out the Catholic Church once and for all in an effort to establish lasting peace on the earth.

Includes 20 original illustrations and new typesetting!

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