Humanitarian Daily Ration

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Humanitarian Rations were implemented in response to customer requests for specific feeding requirements for large groups of people. To date, the family of Humanitarian Rations includes the Humanitarian Daily Ration and the Humanitarian Pouched Meal . These rations are packaged such as to withstand extreme environmental conditions and to allow air drops when necessary. Currently, only the HDR is being procured by DLA Troop Support and available to the customer. However, the humanitarian meal concept can be tailored (in regard to packaging, nutritional requirements, and individual components), implemented, and made available to meet the needs of different situations when the need is present.

Since the meal is designed as a complete day's supply of food, a minimum of two entrees is provided in each meal bag. Complementary components are also included to provide the balance of the daily nutritional requirements that call for not less than 2200 calories, broken down as 10-13% protein, 27-30% fat, and not less than 60% carbohydrates. A spoon and a non-alcohol based moist towelette are the only non-food components in the meal bag.

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