Heart's Relief: Annabelle of Anchony Series Book 2

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In a country riven by rebellion, Annabelle of Anchony will soon find unlooked-for hope, heavenly assistance ... and great sorrow. A world away from her island exile, Annabelle has found her loving family and home in Aboly, capital city of Anchony, at the royal palace. But all is still not well in Anchony, for the rebel Demolites hold Prince Phillipus of Sethel. All unknowing, the royal family of Sethel is on the way to Anchony, expecting to witness a marriage, only to discover that their prince is missing. Annabelle and her family must reckon with the consequences of years of Demolite plotting, betrayal, and violence against Anchonians of all classes. Will justice win out? Or will cruelty, greed, and lawlessness overcome Annabelle and all of Anchony? Richly imagined, this exciting new entry in the Annabelle of Anchony series will inspire and move readers of all ages.

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