God's Angels Messengers On a Mission

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When God has a job, who does he call? Angels are Gods servants and messengers. In this book, children will read stories of some very important assignments that God gave to his angels. Each one of these missions helped God to carry out his plan of salvation—all so that his sons and daughters could live with him forever.

Meet Gods team! Among the beautifully-illustrated Biblical scenes in this book are the angel Gabriel at the Annunciation, the host of angels rejoicing at Jesus birth, an angel comforting Jesus in Gethsemane, and angels announcing that Jesus has risen from the dead.

By Angela Burrin (Author), Maria Cristina Lo Cascio (Illustrator) This delightful book not only helps children learn about angels but also about how much God loves each one of them—so much so that he gave them their very own guardian angel!

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