101 Inspirational Stories of the Sacrament of Reconciliation

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Inside the pages of this book you will find a one stop shop for making a good confession.

The stories are from simple, honest people who share their struggles and conversion in making a good confession. Easy step by step instructions, explain what to say, what to do and what to expect when you go to confession. 12 information packed articles provide depth and background to making your confessions meaningful. 42 commonly asked questions are answered by priests who have listened to confessions for many years. Confession prayers, Examination of Conscience guidelines and much more make this the most complete book ever for making a good confession.

This book is for you, if: You have never made a sacramental confession, You've been away from confession for a long time, You don't like going to confession, You want to get more out of it.

Read these faith-filled stories and a hundred more: Father Edward was a newly ordained priest. He went to hear confessions in a small country church. He was alone in the church when he heard a voice- a voice that would change his hearing confessions for the rest of his life. One day as I was visiting patients, a man told me he did not want to see me. I said, "Okay, that is all right." Each day as I passed his bed, I would greet him and then walk on. On one occasion he called me and said, "Listen, if I wanted to receive the sacraments again after more than sixty years, I know I would have to go to confession and I cannot do that."

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