Evergreen - Audrey Assad

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"Evergreen is my first full album of original material in 4 years. I’ve been writing a lot over the past year or so, after a long creative dry spell; spiritual and mental/emotional crises converged a few years ago and I found myself unable to pen anything about it for quite some time. I’m still on the road, but I’m a more whole person. Though I have what I would call a ‘wounded faith’, and probably always will, I found that even after it felt like everything had burned down around and inside of me, there were still a few insistent seedlings poking up through the ashes on the forest floor. I found that the tree of life is evergreen; and though my faith looks and feels very different than it used to, it still exists. It survives. I am still breathing. Even when belief seems dead, faith can still bloom.

This album will have some songs forged in the flames of my own personal pain, sure…(would it be an Audrey Assad record if it didn’t? Haha) but mostly, Evergreen is full of songs about rebirth, the rebuilding of trust, and the discovery of joy and love in the deepest corners of my own broken heart. Right now I’ve got a list of 16 or 17 songs that I’m trying to figure out how to shorten, and it’s really a challenge…it’s a good problem though. I have a lot to sing about, and after a few years of being unable to say that, I am unutterably grateful.

I’ve had such amazing experiences in the past making albums with your participation and help, so I couldn’t resist doing Pledge again. There will be all the usual fun stuff offered in the campaign…opportunities to vote on a few things, lyric books, vinyls, tee shirts, some artwork by me, Skype calls, and a few surprises in store—and I’ll be in the studio throughout the months of July, August, and September, updating you regularly with posts and videos and some live streams. The record is scheduled to come out on Feb. 23—there’s always a slim chance that gets pushed back, but we have no reason to believe that will happen, short of something changing with my baby’s birth (I’m due in October). We’ll keep you posted and updated at every point so that you know where we are in the process. I’d be so grateful for your partnership. It really does enhance the project to have you along." She tells us.

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