Evangelical Catholic: A journey through the Biblical and historical evidence that led yet another evangelical Protestant to the Catholic Church!

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Evangelical Catholic is an in-depth defense of the Catholic faith. Written by a former Protestant, who once strongly believed that the Catholic Church’s teachings were contrary to the Bible, Troy Guy presents the Biblical and historical evidence that eventually led to his conversion and has led many Protestant ministers and scholars home to the Catholic Church. You will discover:Jesus and the call to follow Him.Why the Nicene Creed points directly to the Catholic Church as the Church Jesus established.The unbroken line of apostolic succession from the Catholic Church today to the Apostle Peter.Holy Communion (the Eucharist) is not just a symbol.How the Protestant ‘Bible Alone’ theory (Sola Scriptura) is ironically unbiblical.Why the Church honors Mary, but does not worship her.The Biblical basis for the Communion of the Saints.The visual gospel proclaimed through sacred icons.The Scriptural origin and foundation of the sacred liturgy.Evangelical Catholic is written for anyone seeking to understand the Catholic faith, with a particular emphasis on the obstacles that Protestants question. This book demonstrates that the Catholic Church is the one Church Jesus established 2,000 years ago and invites everyone to discover His Church!

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