Catholics Who Don't Do Anything Card Game

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Catholic Party Game


How to Play

Play a Teaching of the Game card

Everyone else plays a Play card


Teaching cards are played by the judge of each round indicating how each round is to be played.



According to the rules of the round established by the Teaching card, the first player that "confesses" to the card, keeps it. Confess to 10 cards, and you win!

Play cards are played by everyone else playing the game. Play cards are made up of funny things Catholics may (or may not) have found themselves doing.


Who Can Play?

This game was made for family and friends who have a love for their Catholic faith!

Though fun for everyone, it will be enjoyed most by those who have more "Catholic Life Experience" such as adults and high-schoolers.


Players who are younger may find it harder to fully understand when they have not experienced many of the subjects of the cards in their life (yet.) But that's called an evangelization opportunity!



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