The Word of the Lord: A Child's First Scripture Verses

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The Catholic Child's First Faith Treasury series presents your youngest Catholic children with core teachings and mysteries of the Catholic faith, and inspiring biblical principles, that they may from the earliest age always walk close to the Lord and His Church.
These beautiful books are designed to help parents make the very first step in catechizing and inspiring their little ones in the faith, by giving them simple and profound treasures—Bible passages, saint quotes, the mysteries of Christ’s life—for handing on the Catholic faith they cherish. Begin teaching your little ones the most important things: the truths of the Gospel!

The Word of the Lord!
Instill an early devotion to God's Word in your little one with this charming book, The Word of the Lord: First Scripture Verses. Through vibrant illustrations and a selection of beautiful passages straight from Sacred Scripture, this book will become a favorite literary companion—an inspiring and whimsical collection of the first Bible verses your child will learn to love and come to know by heart!
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