Will You Come to Mass?

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Once again, Susan J. Bellavance and Sara Tang have created a beautifully illustrated volume for young children ages 4 to 6, and their families. Will You Come to Mass? inspires readers of all ages to love and console Jesus by coming to holy Mass. Based on the invitation to the Great Banquet (see Lk 14:15-24), church bells, like angel voices, invite all the characters, to join in the weekly celebration - but one by one they each give some excuse! The sloth is too sleepy, the robin is too busy cleaning, the horse is working, and the monkeys have a game to play. But the little lamb is different. When he hears the bells, he feels a sparkle and says, "I want to go! Just lead me!" When the church door opens, can you find the little lamb? Here's a hint: He is where we all long to be!

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