Bishop Sheen Rosaries Hoplite Rosary

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Hoplites were ancient Greek warriors (700 b.c.) who fought in a phalanx formation, which is an infantry maneuver that necessitates each warrior giving his all to protect his brother. This was the most effective military tactic of its day by a wide margin. It made the relatively small Greek city states able to protect their way of life, which led to modern democracy. The Hoplite is a good example of what we need to do for our brothers and sisters in Christ today. We need to watch out for our brothers, and not let them fight the good fight alone. We have to support each other against the Evil One, or we will let our brothers fall into his hands!

This rosary, due to its paracord and bead construction is incredibly durable and great for carrying in a pocket. All of my paracord rosaries have a lifetime warranty, no questions asked! See store policies for details.

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