Deluxe Brown Padded Leatherette Version Bible Stories for Catholic Children

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If you are looking for a book to help introduce your child to the stories in the Bible and are looking for one that is age appropriate for a younger aged child, Bible Stories for Catholic Children may be just the book for which you are looking. The book is a hardcover book with a gold stamped brown padded cover and gold gilded page edges which make the book a lovely gift to give for a special occasion. Each story is about one page long so is short and intended to hold the interest of the child. Included full color illustrations also add interest and meaning to the story.

Bible Stories for Catholic Children would be a nice gift to give a child for First Communion or for their birthday. It will be fun for them to read stories in their own book that they also hear when they attend church. If you want to start even earlier, the stories with their colorful illustrations would be a delightful way to introduce even smaller children to the stories and characters in the Bible so Bible Stories for Catholic Children could also be given as a baby shower gift. The book comes gift boxed. It also comes with a white cover, item 2597.

Bible Stories for Catholic Children Brown Padded Cover Gold Stamped Cover and Gilt Edged Pages 168PGS Gift Boxed
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