Before I Was Me

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This beautifully illustrated, delightful story of an imaginary conversation between God and an unborn baby will lead children to see that from the very moment God gave them a soul at conception, He had great plans for them.

In this charming odyssey of self-discovery, the child imagines himself as an astronaut, a baker, a farmer, a doctor, a teacher, a parent, and a child . . . important simply for who he is — a child whom God will always love.

| Ambriel K. 05-03-2020 21:13

Summary: Before I Was Me is a very sweet book about a little baby talking with God, before he is given to his parents, about what he wants to be when he goes to live on earth. First he wants to be an astronaut, and after his conversation with God, he decides to be something very special! It's the sweetest story, and a must-have!
Why I like it: I love that it's a story about a baby before he's born, because no one writes about that. It's a beautiful story about God's love for each and every one of his children!
What I would change: I wish it were longer!

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