Armor of God Challenge Coin Token

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Based upon the Bible verses found in Ephesians 6:11-18, the Armor of God Challenge Coin is a great way to carry a daily reminder of faith, strength, encouragement, and commitment.

On the front of the 1 ¾” diameter Challenge Coin is a male warrior from the Artist, Frank Clawson, with the words from the Apostle Paul encouraging us to, “PUT ON THE WHOLE ARMOR OF GOD”, as well as “PRAY ALWAYS”. There are also two small shields with the letters “RWH” meaning “Return With Honor”, as a reminder to return home with honor on a daily basis.

The back of the Challenge Coin also features images of the elements of armor along with specific phrases from the verses in Ephesians where Paul also advises us to stand with, “LOINS: GIRT WITH TRUTH”, “BREASTPLATE: OF RIGHTEOUSNESS”, “FEET: GOSPEL OF PEACE”, SHIELD: OF FAITH”, “HELMET: OF SALVATION”, and “SWORD: OF THE SPIRIT”.

These Challenge Coins make a great gift for family, friends, church members, youth, or even just for yourself!

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