Anna Goes to a Party and Learns About the Mass

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Sometimes the best teaching tools are stories! And if you have a child, grandchild, or student you re teaching about the Mass, this is a terrific addition to your lesson plans. Anna is about to make her First Communion, but she doesn't really understand what it s about until her godmother uses a family birthday party to explain about the Mass. Using that same birthday-party symbolism, you and your child can discuss penance, reconciliation, the Eucharist, and the entire Mass.

| Amber C. 09-05-2019 21:28

This story is about a young girl, named Anna. She is looking forward to going to her Grampa’s party, and she hates that she has to wait to wear her dress. One of the guests that will be there is her Aunt, Eva. Anna hardly ever goes to church, so she is a little confused about the Mass. Since her Aunt works at the church, she asks some questions. I loved this story! Find out by going to Queen of Angels store and buying Anna goes to a party… and learns about the Mass. So long, bye! 

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